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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

Today I wanted to explain to you all why I am vegetarian and why I believe it is the best decision I could have possibly ever made. Please note that across this blog my views will be bias because of what I believe in and my blog is where I can voice my personal opinions with you all whether you choose to agree or disagree.

*Warning* some graphic content.

I was seven years old when I decided to become vegetarian and I have never looked back since. It has now been twelve years and still to this day it was the best choice I ever made. As an innocent little girl, as far as I was aware, meat came from the people in the shop. Then one day when my mum told me what meat actually was, it broke my heart.

I could not understand why it was legal to kill an animal for self enjoyment and I still do not get it now. I understand in the wild that animals need to hunt other animals in order to survive as they have nothing else but we do.

We have so much available to us that is natural, healthier and what I believe to be morally right without the need to harm others. Being a vegetarian is not as difficult as some have imagined. There are a number of hidden gems in super markets and numerous books filled with beautiful recipes that also do a pretty good job of educating you on what is out there too. 

I have said it in a previous blog and I will say it again, Deliciously Ella is hands down my favourite cook book for Vegan recipes and I worship her cooking so much. She completely transformed my meals the summer before I went to university and opened my eyes to some fantastic products and flavours!

As a vegetarian I refuse to buy into the meat industry and support it in anyway shape or form. This means I only buy Vegan cook books. Although I am not a vegan I always make an extra effort to buy vegan friendly products as half the time they taste better. I also refuse to eat anything meat flavoured even though they are suitable for vegetarians such as crisps and gravy etc and even sweets and jelly that contain gelatine. The video below tells you exactly where your sweets come from and the process it goes through.

Yes eating meat is a way of life but so is being vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan and one thing that has always bugged me, is the way people react when I have said I would like my children to be brought up as vegetarian. I find it absurd that people can tell me I am wrong but do not actually consider the fact that it works both ways. You can bring your child up to eat meat and allow them the freedom of choosing to become vegetarian and you can bring your child up as vegetarian and allow them to have the freedom to choose to eat meat. 

I am completely educated enough on vegetarian diets to know and understand the value of a well balanced, good and nutritional healthy lifestyle without meat as I have done it for myself for years.

Parents do not have the power to dictate their child's lifestyle choices but I do believe educating children on what they eat from a young age and allowing them to make their decisions based on this is the way to go. My mother respected my decision to no longer eat meat in the same way I will respect my children for choosing to include it within their diet. There is NO right or wrong, it is down to what you believe is the best way to live a healthy, natural and happy lifestyle.

I hope you have found this blog to be a bit of an educational one and maybe an eye opener for yourself also.

Until next time,

J x

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