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Hello and happy Monday everyone!

This weekend I went to V festival so this week I am here to make you all jealous of the incredible experience I had.

Never ever ever did I think that I would go to a festival with portable toilets, mud and the idea of not being clean for a few days. However with the incredible line up that V festival had all of the pros completely weighed out the cons.

Although I spent the majority of my time before the festival worrying about abandoning my routine for a few days, getting there completely made it all go away. I have never been camping before and I absolutely loved it!


The first night we were there it was Radio 1's Summer of Dance hosted by Annie Mac and Danny Howard and this had to be my favourite night. The DJ's were insane and we all danced on top of a hill all night on cloud nine. 

On the Saturday we saw Jess Glynne, Stormzy and Bastille during the day, it was my third time seeing them and I still cannot get enough! Then in the evening we watched Tinie Tempah and Justin Bieber. Tine was easily my favourite on the Saturday, he definitely knows how to hype up his crowd and Bieber admitted that he was actually slightly hungover for his show so as much as I love him, his performance did not live up to expectations and there was no top removal?!

On the last day we saw Lethal Bizzle, Fleur East, Sigala, Big Sean, Years and Years, Little Mix, David Guetta and Rihanna. Sigala's DJ set was the craziest thing I've heard, throwing it back to all the old school beats had the whole crowd jumping. David Guetta was my favourite on Sunday, my body ached from jumping and screaming wildly in the rain for hours.

There are now so many songs I need to go home and download, the line up in my opinion was the best out of all of the festivals this year and their hard work really paid off! 


As I have never been to a festival before I did not know what to expect when it came to the food stands, I just imagined lots and lots of junk food so I brought a variety of healthy snacks just incase.

Luckily I did as festival food and drink is really expensive. I bought vegetarian noodles and spring rolls one day and a vegan falafel pitta on the second day. I was really impressed with everything there was to offer and happy to see that there was healthy options as well. 

I will definitely be able to come to a festival again with a better idea of what to expect and with the peace of mind that there will definitely be plenty of options!


I am such a nosy person so seeing strangers argue in front of you, witnessing people throw up on themselves and get rugby tackled to the ground by security was quite something. 

No words describe how amazing the entire weekend was with everyone or how care free I felt. The atmosphere was just on another level entirely.

My first festival is now officially over and I am 100% certain it is not my last!

Until next time,

J x

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