Hello everybody and happy Monday!

This week I wanted to talk about my recent live stream and why I have chosen to do this. If you have not seen the live stream yet then stop reading and go check it out on my official Facebook page by clicking the button below... then come back to this blog obviously!

The whole idea for the live stream workout stemmed from some outside research I did for my degree on current event industry trends. One of these was crowd streaming and I realised Facebook had quickly jumped on this idea with 'Facebook Live.' I then started thinking about combining my passion for this and also the fitness industry in order to create something I haven't seen before and that is, live workouts.

I have considered starting a Youtube channel however I am now swaying more towards live stream workouts as I feel that they are much more personalised to those who watch. One thing I think that is really important for watchers to see whilst I live stream is my form, how many reps I do, how long my rest period is and how tired I get. This way it feels real. There is no fancy editing, no airbrushing, no speeding up and no cutting bits out if form fails. I am doing it right there in front of you without all of that which is something I have not seen before and I do feel like it is important to give people the chance to see something completely real and true.

The fitness industry is huge and constantly developing and growing and therefore has a large impact on those who are a part of it or follow it. Throughout my journey, I do not want to be someone who claims to be better than they are or not give people the full truth. That is why these live videos are going to be the start of something good in my career to mirror the values and thoughts that I have regarding the industry.

The first live stream that I did was a conditioning workout that I have only done once before in the summer. It is an absolute killer for 15 minutes and focuses on strength and power moves. For 15 minutes it works the entire body and gets the heart rate racing! The aim of the workout is to complete as many sets as possible within the time limit. 

If you are feeling up to a challenge, give it a go and let me know how many sets you managed and what weights you used and any suggestions on what you would like to be featured next.

Until next time,

J x

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