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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

The christmas countdown has BEGUN and it is therefore time to share my top fitness treats from my christmas list as inspiration or hints for you all. In my eyes you can never have enough protein and training gear and this blog shares products from my favourite brands and people on my wish list.

1) Zanna Van Dijk - Strong​

It will come at no surprise to those who know me that one of my top picks for christmas is the very first book of Zanna's. I have followed her fitness story for a very long time now since she came back from travelling the world and decided to enter this industry and I am therefore a huge fan of everything she has accomplished with her career and cannot wait to get my hands on one of her books!

2) Solo Wireless Beat Headphones

As a gym lover one of my biggest hates is getting my headphones tangled up and coming lose during ANY exercise because it ALWAYS happens. My ears are also super fragile when I go running outdoors and the wind gets in between normal ear bud headphones and gives me an ear ache which is just not fun. Beats are also of the best quality around and the prettiest damn things I have ever seen and considering I have wanted them for a couple of years now, I'm thinking it is time to push the boat out and treat myself if I don't get them this year!

3) Sport Outfit

There are endless amounts of sport clothing I want as I practically live in it but my favourite at the moment is the adidas tape co-ord set. The colours are beautiful and look like the comfiest thing ever!

4) Protein

You can never have enough protein which is why I have endless amounts of it on my list to stock up and make all sorts of things, not just protein shakes. Two brands I trust and use for my supplements are My Protein and LDN Muscle and having tried both Vanilla and Raspberry Ripple flavours I am starting to branch out and try new ones for different recipes. Including Butterscotch Whey, Pink Lemonade Pre-Workout and Protein Mousse!

5) More books

More books because I am such a massive book worm. Things that are really capturing my eye at the moment are books on sport and exercise science and fitness entrepreneurship as I find the research behind it all fascinating and I do not think you can ever stop learning when it comes to this industry and that is one thing I absolutely love about it.

6) More protein

It is my aim to try even more protein foods as I am a big fan of powders and supplements already. I'm leaning towards Quest nutrition bars because their flavours look out of this world, Grenade bars and shakes and too many nut butters to list below! Who said being healthy was boring?!

Top Tip: little things like this are perfect little stocking fillers for fit friends or family members!

*Please note that none of the products displayed in this blog post are paid promotion. All are based upon personal opinion, previous experience with the brand and their products or recommendations*

All of these products are my top gift ideas for fit friends or family members. There are so many more things out there to try and experiment with but by personal preference these goodies are definitely top of my list. Happy holidays!

Until next time,

J x

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