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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

The warmer weather is now leaving us behind and as it does it is no secret that our motivation slowly decreases with it. With this in mind the only way to keep hold of that summer motivation to keep active is to act like the seasons have not changed, 100% easier said than done, I can vouch for that!

Over the summer I trained 6 days a week with a mixture of cardio, weights and HIIT and somehow since coming back to university and the weather becoming colder I have managed to up my training to 7 days a week. I will elaborate on this in next weeks blog discussing my university routine so look out for that one too. 

The easiest way I have found to continue training during the colder weather is by not leaving my workouts until the last minute. Putting your workouts off gives you more time to procrastinate and argue with yourself about other things you could be doing or that seem more appealing than leaving your house in the dark. Therefore I beat this feeling by never going to the gym past 8pm. For me it is too cold and dark outside and I would much rather be curled up in bed with a green tea and a book. I take the time to either exercise before my lecture or in-between them as I am already out of the house and the hard bit of dragging yourself out of bed is over. Exercising in the morning also wakes you up, makes you feel fresh and sets you up for the day ahead, so that's a bonus.

This may be hard for some people but it comes with patience and practice and that is continuing to eat in the same healthy way. I find that over the summer I am obsessed with fruit and light salads. The idea of chips or carb "heavy" foods is enough to make me feel slightly ill in the heat but that is just me personally. As the colder months have creeped in some unhealthy foods still make me feel unwell due to my body not being used to them so I have been using this to my advantage and continuing to make salads for lunch, my usual berry smoothies that can be found in the 'Foodies, Smoothies and Goodies' section of my website and lots of vegetables to fuel me through the day.

However with the season changing I have of course added in some favourite foods to my diet that are more accessible during these months such as parsnips and brussels sprouts as fresh berries and watermelons become slightly more difficult to get hold of.

A training partner is always a good idea for those who struggle with the motivation to exercise. If you have someone waiting for you at the gym or there to go with you, you are more likely to go than on your own as you are less inclined to talk yourself out of it.

Training with someone automatically increases your ability to push yourself a little more because of the encouragement from others. This is one of the main reasons that I dedicate my Instagram account to fitness and health posts because of the support and encouragement I receive from other people on the internet. It is such an adrenaline rush to have 24/7 support from people across the globe and I love reading their kind words and messages. I also do it for myself, to motivate me. By looking at my own posts as well as others I am constantly encouraged to carry on doing what I do in order to progress and develop my fitness and physique.

Just getting out of the house to either go for a run or even a walk will lift your spirits. It may be cold outside but the colours of the trees, the smell of autumn air and fresh air in your lungs are simple things that do our mind and body good. Treat this season as your chance to build and sculpt your dream body ready for the summer or in most cases, give you a head start before going all out on the delicious delicacies at Christmas!

Until next time,

J x

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