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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

This week I am encouraging you all to get outside and make the most of this season. 

Personally, I find that my motivation can slip during this time of the year and I fully believe SAD disorder (seasonal affective disorder) has an affect us all. This is where the weather affects your mood and takes away your energy and motivation to do things. However I combat these negative feelings by using the weather to my advantage and getting out more during the day rather than having to leave my house later on in the dark. Although if I do need to leave my house later on for a training session that I did not have time for in the day then I usually make it a spinning class as I absolute love these, I know I will be productive and work hard and I am always motivated by someone telling me what to do.

One thing that has really boosted my energy levels during this season was doing an outdoors shoot at one of Coventry's beautiful parks and testing out some workout moves to put into another video for you all over the next few weeks.

It was really great to get outside and do something different for a change and I had fun collecting a range of shots to share on my social media as well as use to track my progress. If you find it really difficult to stay motivated then this is one thing that I cannot recommend enough. Go and explore with a friend, I found this so therapeutic, despite how cold it was, I still had a great time and I'm looking forward to do something like this again to break up my usual gym routine and focus on using my body weight and resistance to form a different type workout.

Aside from staying active outside by working out, I suggest long hikes. I always take my camera on dog walks because the scenery is just beautiful and there is something really satisfying about capturing it on camera. As many people know, I am always taking photos! It makes me happy, motivates me and I love to look back over memories, progress and places I have been. So I would say this is another thing I do during the cold months to spur on some active energy.

Having a friend as into fitness as you are always helps or a huge dog like mine that you're practically running to keep up with! I hope this blog has inspired you to do something great this week.

Until next time,

J x

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