Hello everybody and welcome back! If you haven't seen already through my website or on my Facebook page, I have updated everything and decided to release a blog every other Monday now. The reason for this is so I can maintain good quality content, work on all the other things going on in my life etc!

This week I wanted to introduce to you a few ways in which you can use nut butter. Since becoming a My Protein Affiliate I have started to become more adventurous and experiment further with protein supplements. I recently tried cashew butter for the first time and HELLOOOO it's beautiful, so this blog is all about how I use My Protein cashew butter in a few different ways to keep changing it up.

Anyone who knows me and if you follow me on instagram (@thelillifter) then you will know that I religiously have a bowl of oats EVERY morning and sometimes as my fourth meal of the day after dinner if I've had a particularly busy or active day.

In my porridge I vary between 50-80g of oats, boiling water, protein whey, a big teaspoon of cashew butter, fat free coconut yoghurt, chia seeds and fruit. I put the cashew butter in with the oats and boiling water straight away as it melts into the bowl and helps to thicken it up. As it is a My Protein product, the macros are really good and as a vegetarian, I find it difficult to maintain a high protein intake, which is why making small changes like this really helps with increasing my intake.

I have been getting some huge chocolate cravings recently and to help with this I make a sweet chocolate and peanut butter smoothie, which is just a dream! I blend 50g of oats, a dash of desiccated coconut, a teaspoon of dark cocoa powder, one banana, 15g of fat free coconut yoghurt, 25g of My Protein chocolate brownie whey, two-three teaspoons of cashew butter and almond milk to thickness preference. If you happen to try this please let me know because I am obsessed with it. All of the ingredients can be altered to your preference taste and to fit your macros and it is great as a small snack to satisfy cravings in between meals or as an on the go breakfast.

As you can see here I was pretty excited to drink this after a fasted gym session, not going to deny it to you all, my smoothies are the best...

Another quick and easy fix is nut butter on rice cakes. Rice cakes are really low in fats and carbs so are great if you are cutting, on prep or find bread to be too bloating. I top my rice cakes with cashew butter and reduced fat jam but you can slice up some banana and top with seeds and cinnamon or anything! GO WILD.

Lastly is apple topped with nut butter with desiccated coconut, fruit and almond flakes. If you are bored of just eating fruit then mix things up by adding in extra flavour for on the go yumminess! This is such a simple way to make your daily food more interesting and full of flavour.

I apologise if this blog made you as hungry as it made me writing it, but I also hope it has made you curious to try out some of these delicious and easy recipes! If you want to try any of the products mentioned (nut butter and chocolate brownie whey) then head on over to My Protein through the button below to make your purchase. There is still 25% off of all My Protein products at the moment so get them quick whilst you can!

Until next time,

J x

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