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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

Every year without fail I write myself new years resolutions, pin them up on my wardrobe and tick them off throughout the year and evaluate them at the end of the year and set myself new ones. I have always enjoyed having something to work towards and 2016 was the hardest goals I had ever set myself but nonetheless I did it and I can now share them with you.

So at the end of 2015 I thought hard about what I wanted myself to achieve by that time the following year. I set myself three new years resolutions which were:

  1. Have £**** Savings for Australia
  2. Beat Bulimia
  3. Achieve Body Confidence

Being pretty optimistic with my resolutions I wrote them anyway and no way did I think after the lows I have had in 2016 that put me in worse positions than I had started in that by the end of the year it would be behind me and I would have achieved it all by myself.

I am now sat in the same position last year mulling over what I want my resolutions to be for 2017. I always have number one as my money saving goal just as a reminder but the others are now completely different as I am now in a completely different mind set. Therefore my new years resolutions for 2017 are:

  1. Have £***** Savings for Australia
  2. Qualify as a Personal Trainer
  3. Gain Sponsorship/ Grow Website

As all of you know, one thing that makes me happy without fail is exercise. It's the biggest passion of mine and it has saved me from something horrible therefore my new goals are based upon creating a career in this industry. I do not expect it to come all at once which is why I run a number of fitness social media accounts, this blog and interact with industry professionals. I work on myself for myself and constantly learn from others across social media. By qualifying as a trainer I hope to continue changing peoples perceptions and understanding of fitness, like I have done for some of my friends. I receive a lot of messages from friends and mutual friends who ask me across social media what they should do, what they should eat and so on and I love that people trust me to help them make a difference in their life. Therefore, turning this love into a profession is an absolute dream!

I am so incredibly grateful for so many people in my life that make it what it is today and I cannot wait to share yet another amazing year with these people. I have even higher hopes for 2017 and I cannot wait to see the what it brings to the table. 

Thank you 2016 for saving my life and giving me hope and hello to a happy, healthy year full of new opportunities!

Until next time,

J x

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