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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

This week I wanted to share with you all my top fitness inspirations who have inspired my lifestyle, changed it and educated me on exercise and nutrition. I think social media is the most brilliant tool going and because of it I have the ability to connect with people in the industry, follow what they do and learn from it to grow and push myself.


First up on my inspirations list is Ella Woodward known for her amazing recipe books Deliciously Ella and Deliciously Ella Everyday. Ella first inspired me when her first cook book came out in January 2015. By this point I had already been a vegetarian for a good 12 years so I had a good knowledge of vegetarian products and how to cook them and use them to create the best recipes. However Ella's book provided me with more knowledge on vegan products so much so that the majority of what I buy now is vegan friendly. Her books have a wide range of recipes from smoothies, snacks, treats, and meals. I have made so much from her books and feel like I do not need to buy any other cook books as they provide me with so much information, tips and great ideas for myself.

If you are interested in buying the Deliciously Ella book yourself then I strongly recommend you do and try the Green Smoothie for breakfast, Quinoa Tabbouleh for lunch and the Sweet Potato Coconut Curry for dinner. I absolutely loved making these and they are still top favourites of mine that I regularly recreate! Below are a few examples of some of my favourites from the book.

Prepared Quinoa Tabbouleh and green smoothie!
Red Berry Smoothie
More prepared meals that you can find over on my Instagram @jasmineliza_


I first followed Zanna on Instagram at some point last year and absolutely fell in love with her story on how she got to where she is now. In the fitness industry it is particularly hard to find REAL people willing to help others and provide them with accurate information. However Zanna has always provided me with excellent tips and ideas that work a treat as well as being completely down to earth, hilarious and interactive.

Zanna has taught me the importance of balance and how it is paramount to feel good on the inside as well as the outside. She has given me the belief that I can make a career out of fitness and it is achievable with consistent hard work. I am now always on the look out for upcoming roles with her Girl Gains movement as I love the message it promotes. The idea of Girl Gains is to inspire women to be a part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and empowering them to become fitter and better. I absolutely love the work they do and I always feel motivated to do better and be better because of the people I look up to. 

I also find Zanna's blogs really engaging and interesting to read and it was her who inspired me to create this one so I could not be more thankful to have come across it!


Beth Trueman is another fitness idol whom I follow on social media. I replicate a number of her workouts and moves at the gym that push my limits and encourage me to work harder in order to gain a similar physique.

Her knowledge of Sport and Exercise Science is something I hope to gain throughout my career and I therefore love to learn from her. Our passion for the same lifestyle has lead to her following me on Instagram which has given me a real confidence boost to be noticed by an industry professional! It is also nice to be in a similar position to someone maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle whilst at university.

Beth Trueman

There are a huge number of other industry professionals I look up to, however these are the top three people in my life who have really inspired me to achieve something great with my career in this industry. 

I have a lot of people ask me how I know and do what I do and it is down to my inspirations for sharing information through social media and determination to go out and do it myself. I educate myself based on the people I follow and have worked hard to have an understanding knowledge of how to use different equipment in a number of ways that will work a number of areas in a numerous ways.

Until next time,

J x

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