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Hello everybody and happy Monday, as most of you know already, I am now a My Protein Affiliate! This means that people can use my link (right here! ) to access the My Protein website and I get a small commission of their purchase. My link is the only way for me to make commission and anything I own from the website are items I have bought with my own money. Also note that this blog is NOT sponsored and all of the opinions about the products are entirely my own. 

 I ordered a number of things to try and test for you all and I hope this blog gives you an idea of what to expect when you order these products for yourself.

First up is the BCAA tablet supplements. I am trying to get out there and test some supplements a bit more and I have some really great reviews of BCAA. Now there is not a lot I can really review with this and only time will tell. But what I can do is tell you a little bit about BCAA and what it is meant to do.

Now then, branched-chain amino acids help support the immune system when you place stress on your body from heavy lifting at the gym. Amino acids are something we need to take daily as our body does not produce them, they help aid the recovery process and maintain a healthy body. By consuming BCAA it also prevents having an amino acid deficiency, however the main reason that I now take BCAA's is to prevent the loss of muscle mass. At the moment I am trying to add more cardio (hill climbs and HIIT) to my training programme alongside my weight training and by taking BCAA this will hopefully allow me to do this without losing the muscle that I work hard on building.

The one thing I will advise when buying supplements is to really look in to what it is you are buying and making sure it fits your goals. If you are aiming to lose fat and maintain muscle, have a healthy immune system and aid your recovery process then I recommend checking this product out.

Next we have the cranberry and white chocolate cookies. Each 50g serving contains 194 calories, 3g of fat, 16g of carbs and 25g of protein. Although cranberry and white chocolate is one of my most favourite flavours in the world for sweet treats, I cannot say I will purchase these again. As a lot of protein based bars they are quite thick and chewy with a powdery texture. I could still taste the flavour, however the texture of the cookie itself was too overpowering for me which is why I am a little reluctant when it comes to buying protein bars and I have only ever really found one brand that does them right for me unless I made them myself.

The product that I now use daily is cashew butter! I have one huge kilo sitting in my cupboard and it goes in everything. I put it in smoothies, oat bowls, on toast, you name it. I have stuck to peanut butter for years and only recently started to try different nut butters. I find the My Protein cashew butter to be a perfectly soft and creamy consistency and super smooth as well... I cannot stand crunchy bits. So if you are a bit fussy like me but looking to try new things then check out this nut butter before getting more creative with all the different flavours. Simple and yet so satisfying.

I have also purchased Pantothenic Acid which is also known as vitamin B5. I mix this into my water before a workout and its functions are to break down carbs and fats for energy. What I like about this product is that I feel like it gives me a boost and I cannot taste it in the water as I find it is always annoying when supplements add a strange taste to your drink or meal.

Lastly, I ordered some chocolate brownie protein powder because I just love chocolate... who doesn't!? I won't reveal too much because next weeks blog will be a recipe using this deliciously healthy treat so stay tuned for that but I'm just going to put it out there that I tried and tested the recipe already and it is pretty damn good!

If you like the sound of any of the products I have mentioned then head on over to the store using my link and using the code 'JEBFIT' at the checkout for a cheeky discount. If you have any other questions about the My Protein products then feel free to ask and don't forget to subscribe, I have a number of recipes using their products lined up!

Until next time,

J x

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