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Hello and welcome to my very first book review. God knows why I didn’t invest my time in doing this sooner because I absolutely adore reading and have never gone a period of my life without a book and as you all know I’m a massive writing fan too!

Ah well, the time is finally right for me to do all of this and my first book review is the newly released screenplay, Me Before You. I will most likely write a blog around Christmas of some of my all-time top picks that I read long before I created the blog to share some favourites of mine with you (be prepared for a lot of romance novels!)

So anyway, I first heard about Me Before You fairly late when the adverts started cropping up more and more often online and on TV. As soon as I saw Sam Claffin cast as the main character, that was it and I was sold in a heartbeat after him recently appearing in my all time favourite book and film Love Rosie. Once I had the chance I raced down to Waterstones to pick up a copy and got on it straight away so I could watch the film after. Top tip… never watch a film before reading the book. Let the book surprise you and lead your imagination astray whilst you create your own assumptions and ideas about the characters portrayed.

I finished the book within a month (that’s fast for me as I’m usually busy reading masses of educational books related to my course and online scholar journals) and it really did pull on my heartstrings! With every page turned you watched as Will and Lou progressed and flourished, learning about each other after it being intense and awkward at first. Jojo Moyes has you feeling a real connection to Will and really sympathise with him as a stubborn young man (deservingly so) who has his eye on one thing and one thing only and despite Lou’s efforts to save him, she can’t. That is the bit that broke my heart! I remember my exact reaction when I got to the end of the book. I was sat down hand over my mouth as I just suddenly gasped and it sunk in what has just happened. Despite how sad the ending was, I do not believe it should have been any other way. Jojo captured Will’s feelings realistically and gave her readers nothing but the honest truth of a person in his situation. I must admit, as a highly active person myself, similar to Will before, I know that if I were to ever end up in the same situation, I would most likely react in the same way. Which made me really ponder the words so beautifully repeated and played upon throughout the book… ‘live boldly’, what a beautiful phrase?

Jojo definitely inspired me with the message she gave out in her novel and I definitely cannot wait to pick up more of her books in the future. If you still haven’t read Me Before You then I definitely recommend it as Jojo’s style of writing is so beautiful as easy to read that it becomes difficult to put down and not fall in love with instantly.

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