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Hello everybody and happy Monday!

If any of you read my book review on Me Before You, you will know that I absolutely fell in love with the book and the film and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. Now that I’ve finished it I am in constant suspense for a second film to follow too.

Jojo Moyes did not disappoint in the sequel. I personally did not think it would be the same in the second book without Will Trayner, however Moyes continues on with Lou’s story so well after finishing the first book with Lou’s new life in Paris.

Moyes begins After You with a breath taking surprise within the first few pages and I could not put it down, overcome with the need to find out what happens again and again. Moyes took every opportunity possible to surprise her readers and stimulate several emotions from joy, pain, anxiety, fear and love throughout the course of the book.

I’ve always been a massive fan of Moyes writing style. Her writing flows and keeps me hooked, which makes it even easier to fall in love with. Me Before You was all about learning to push yourself and “live boldly,” which I always found was such a beautiful, empowering and motivating message. After You then follows on with this message as Lou is still not quite living the standards of what Will intended for her but she continues to try and push herself to make small simple changes throughout the book until she finally does enter into a huge new life with bursting opportunities.

The book touches upon a variety of real themes, which Moyes brings together superlatively such as; family, love, trust, heartache and friendship. Painting such realistic pictures in our minds only makes us understand the characters even more and relate to all of the emotions they are feeling and experiencing.

I would 100% recommend this book and the author too, it certainly will not be my last read from Jojo Moyes. Her stories and the characters she creates inspire me and I feel that, that is such an important thing to be able to do for others.

Until next time,

J x

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