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Hi Guys, seeing as it is the summer I wanted to fill you in on what I got up to whilst living abroad. I left to go and start my new chapter in Marbella in the middle of May, almost a month after my exams finished so I had some time to continue working and earn more money, which I highly recommend you do going to a place such as this, from my experience, it is one of the most expensive areas in Spain due to its luxury lifestyle vibe. For example a table in a club I went to was 750 euros (a friend paid for this, I only found out the next morning as I was completely shocked), a bottle of water in the very famous Ocean Club was 18 euros and sun lounger beds in a number of these clubs go well into the hundreds.

I chose to move to Marbella as I had been in contact with the Editor of Marbella Rocks Magazine for a year after watching the TV show ‘Life On Marbs,’ it was a very spontaneous decision I made as I watched the show thinking this looks fun, I’d love to write for a magazine etc. All I wanted to do was write articles and send them over, however after being impressed with my writing and myself I was offered the opportunity to come out and experience it all right in front of my eyes... as you can imagine I was mentally packing ever since receiving my offer.

I got up to so much during my time away that it is not possible to squeeze it all into one blog, so I have handpicked some of my wildest and most fun memories to share.

“Only in Marbella” is the only phrase I can put together to sum up this experience and only me, the person who claims not to be much of a party animal would this happen to happen to.

I landed in Marbella on a Tuesday and Thursday evening was my first event at our annual Work Anniversary Party. I was planning on coming back with my house mates at 12 by coach when I was given tickets to go to DJ EZ and ordered to enjoy myself, so I went. I most definitely had a wild night seeing as everything was paid for- oh the life of luxury I miss! However when I left the club at around 6am (this is normal for Spain as the clubs don’t open until 1am) it hit me that I needed to get home to a house I didn’t know the address too, nor did I have a phone to call my house mates. So my friends who I went out with took me to theirs and said they would take me back the next day because I had work in the evening.

I got dropped back to my house the next day, however I was stood outside it for two hours. The house is surrounded by high walls and had an intercom that gained your access, but no one answered (when I got back after two days I found out they had a power cut, typical luck.) As you can imagine sitting on the side of the road in going out attire in the middle of day resulted in numerous people beeping their horn at me and one even tried to pick me up, yes that is correct… I looked like I was soliciting on the streets, it does not get more embarrassing than that.

Two hours later my friends drive past me again and decide to take me back to theirs again and I finally managed to get into my house the following day.

Then on my last night my housemates decided to have a food fight, absolutely terrifying when I was sat at the kitchen counter on my laptop with my iPod and camera on display. I went and hid in a corner and watched the madness unfold. We were crying with laughter and water showered the entire floor and everyone, flour was thrown making it look like a white Christmas, eggs were cracked on two of the girls heads, coco pops, porridge, cornflakes and milk also made the floor look like one gigantic cereal bar and an extremely messy one at that! Me being the biggest wimp, I hate dirt and I hate feeling dirty, so as hilarious as the evening was, it was also my image of a nightmare. We were all in hysterics suggesting we move house rather than clean up!

One month in Marbella was definitely enough madness for me. I was due to come home mid August however I came home two months early. There were a number of reasons I decided to leave and I happily don’t regret any decisions I made on moving out there or leaving. It was a fantastic experience that I would recommend a lot of people do whilst they are young to find out what they are into, explore what else is out there, take new opportunities and broaden your horizons.

For instance, I absolutely love fitness and fitness events and events is something I’ve wanted to do since school due to my love of organising it just made sense and always has. However whilst I was out in Marbella, although I got to write an article on Fitness and attend VIP events, I also got to write about fashion, celebrities, books, DVD’s, CD’s, recipes, proof the magazine, fill in spread sheets, market using social media, sell, advertise, contact suppliers and so on. Taking this jump into the magazine and moving country has allowed me to experience all of these sectors, appear in magazines and have my name in the masthead. At 19 years old it feels incredible to be able to say that I did this and I couldn’t be more proud. Writing for the magazine is the reason I decided to create my own website and blog and for that I am extremely grateful to my boss and all that she did for me.

My top tips for Marbella are:

  • Take plenty of money- it’s definitely a hotspot for hen and stag do parties

  • Don’t take anything too seriously- no one else does

  • Drink sensibly- sometimes

  • Wear sun-cream every day!

  • To tan as well as I did use Coconut Oil

  • Visit and walk along the port

  • Take every opportunity you are given within reason

  • Eat at Starz and C’est La Vie

  • Shop in all the individual Spanish boutiques

  • Try and push using and practicing Spanish

  • Always carry water with you

  • Go to a Sisu Pool Party

  • Read an issue of Marbella Rocks Magazine- found in most restaurants/bars/gyms etc

  • Try a tinto de verano

  • Go on long runs in the countryside- it’s beautiful

  • Go to all of the little beaches that not everyone knows about- they’re hidden gems!

Until next time


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