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Hello everybody and welcome back to another blog.

This week I wanted to discuss how to beat a binge. I find that binge eating usually stems from boredom and low self esteem and throughout my years of struggling with my eating disorder, there were things I tried and tested to help stop me binging and therefore purging.

Below I have compiled a list of small things that helped me on my way to recovery and little steps you can put in place to avoid binging yourself. I still use these to help me as I am only human and when I'm bored I naturally just want to grab something.

1. Drink more. As I am sure you have heard many times before. Sometimes we are thirsty rather than hungry and our bodies cannot tell the difference. When I am in this position or feel like I could binge, I have a glass of water (500ml) on its own or with some lemon slices or a green tea. By adding fruit to your water or having a green tea, you are giving yourself some flavour that you may crave from food.

2. Brush your teeth. I have found brushing my teeth to be great distraction from wanting to binge as my teeth feel nice and minty fresh after so I don't have cravings. Also the majority of the time food does not taste great straight after brushing!

3. Leave the house. When I have nothing to do, I often just stay at home and only leave to go to the gym. I get bored, I feel lazy and it's a bad habit I've had whilst at university, which is also why I can't wait to leave. However I have started breaking this habit, more because it's warmer outside and I like many others have SAD disorder (see previous blog for more on this). So to help beat a binge I find that leaving the house is perfect. Whether it means I walk the longer way to the gym so I am out of the house for longer, going to the library, browsing shops, sitting in a coffee shop or going on a little walk for some fresh air. Find yourself a nice little spot to go to, to have some time away from thinking about food.

4. Read. Now I am very lucky to be one of those people who love to read. I have not gone a period of my life without reading a book. As soon as I finish one, I start the next and I am always in Waterstones (my favourite book shop) finding more to add my list! I find that time flies by when I read and sometimes if I am in between meals and I feel like snacking, I will just pick up my book and as if by magic when I finish a chapter or too, its time for the next meal.

I have a variety of fitness books, core text books for university and fiction books as it is important to read about things you are interested in. However if you are not much of a reader, try audio books or podcasts. There is so much free information available to us online to make use of.

5. Clean and tidy. I love cleaning and tidying my house as it completely relaxes me and I find so therapeutic. Busying yourself with a task helps keep your mind occupied in the same way that exercise does, it keeps you focused on doing one thing and acts as a source of escapism.

I hope these five little tips to beat a binge helps you if ever you feel in that position.

Until next time,

J x

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