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Good morning all and happy Monday!

This week I am sharing my love for an early start as I get asked all the time how I do it. So brace yourself, for a day that starts before 10am and a more proactive you.

First things first, in order to wake up earlier, you need to go to bed earlier. Embrace your new middle aged life, it's cracking, I can assure you. If you aim to have 8 hours sleep every day, I promise the early mornings will not feel as bad. I like to wake up around 7.30am because it isn't too early or too late and I feel that this is a good time to be able to keep going throughout the day without feeling too tired too early on in the day.

Set yourself a realistic alarm. I set an alarm every single day without fail, I have once had my phone die during the night but praise the lord that my body clock woke me up just before 8am. Without my alarm I am terrified of when I will ever wake up, 11am, the following day, who knows?! Just kidding of course, thank god my body knows when it has had enough sleep. 

My top tip for setting an alarm if you're someone who really struggles with waking up, is to place it at the other side of the room so you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. This way you are already up so just tell yourself to get on with your day rather than getting back in  to bed, think of how productive you can be!

Make yourself a list the night before of things you need to get done. During my first year of living in university halls, I found that waking up early to go to the laundry room was great, the place was completely empty and there was no risk of someone taking my stuff out of the washing machine. I also love the mornings for hitting the gym. It is beautifully empty in the morning so I can get straight on with my workout rather than having to find alternatives and constantly ask people "how many sets have you got left?"

However, if you are not one for the early gym session, I also find nailing some work first thing is great. My mind feels fresh and ready and the library is usually quiet meaning you don't need to perform the 'sweep' walk as Miranda Hart calls it when you walk into a room and have to pretend you know what you're doing before you just run out straight away because there is nowhere for you to sit.

Make a banging breakfast. Most nights I can't wait to go to bed because I'm just so excited for breakfast. My life is thrilling, I know. I love a good bowl of proats in the morning, they never get old, there are so many flavours I experiment with, they are just a dream. Or if you do not have the time in the mornings because you find you are always in a rush. First of all try and wake up half an hour earlier, this will give you time to fully wake up and avoid the manic running around trying to iron your trousers whilst wearing them kind of rush (I saw this once on casualty and it horrified me, never be in this kind of rush). Aside from this, prepare some over night oats, they taste great as the oats have had all night to soak up some good flavour and are therefore then a lot thicker than when you make them to eat straight away.

My final tip to becoming a human being who loves a good morning is to wash straight away. If you stay in bed staring at your phone, for one you are wasting time not actually doing anything and you're more likely to fall back asleep. By getting up, washing and brushing your teeth straight away, you feel refreshed and clean and are less inclined to crawl back in to bed.

Give these a try and see if you can become a bit more proactive with your mornings!

Until next time,

J x

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