Hello everybody and happy Monday!

This Monday is a particularly special one because it marks the end of my exams and the chance for me to now really progress with my career. This year I set myself a goal to really go for it with the fitness industry, really push myself as an individual and to never stop working towards the end goal. Now in reality, my end goal is never just one thing and that's it. As soon as I reach one goal, I try and think to myself, great, I have achieved this, now how am I going to progress further and do better. The mentality I have at the gym to push my body to do more and get stronger is also something I adapt to my career. 

Towards the end of last year I signed up to complete a personal training course and it has rapidly taken me on an exciting new journey of educating myself and giving me something to use in my career. I have just finished my exams in my level 2 Gym Instructor course and spent the weekend with other people as passionate as myself. It was really refreshing to be around people who share my passion and learn from each other. I absolutely loved talking to everyone about their diet, supplements to take, what they train, how they train, what they specialise in and so on. There is so much to learn in this industry and that is what I love about it. I love the idea of there never being one answer, the industry is so in depth that there will always be contrasting information and it is down to you to make the best decisions based on your needs and goals.

Studying this industry has definitely inspired me further to carry on doing what I love for me. It is so important to not lose heart and compare yourself to others but to in fact really understand and know your body. This journey that I am on is absolutely fascinating and despite what I previously knew, I am now becoming more aware of the science behind what I do. It is because of this that I become more and more involved with this industry with every page turn, internet click and youtube video.

It is hard being in an industry that can be actually be quiet lonely at times but the truth is, it's a completely different world and that's what a lot of people do not understand. It's not a month long diet with an end date, it's an entirely different lifestyle with serious dedication and commitment to it, something to embrace and be proud of.

I hope that this new direction will help me to help others. I have already met some wonderful people who have that drive and thirst for knowledge and I can't wait to meet more. Use 2017 as your new direction and invest in yourself and your career.

Until next time,

J x

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